Verticalizer is a cross-platform media group providing high added value content and services to precise verticals of the global audience. Those cross-platform properties can be made available to end users with physical means (print, tv), websites, IPTV/cable channels, mobile apps and OTT services, creating a unique mix of consistent and bespoke cross-device experiences.

We’re growing very fast, thanks to our short history of targeted acquisitions.
We currently own 3 local TV stations, 2 regional newspapers, 3 print magazines, 45 websites, 15 YouTube channels. Have a look to our brand portfolio.

We are willing to expand our portfolio actively. Please do feel free to get in touch in your have media properties / publishing businesses to sell.

Formal information: Verticalizer . Vertical Media Group SARL is Swiss based, limited liability company.

Website: www.verticalizer.com

Swiss Federal Registration Number: CHE-460.774.136
VAT ID: CHE-460.774.136
VAT. Main shareholders: Vincent Buzzano (Aministator), Clement Charles.